NW Ecobuilding Guild Speakers


11am George Ostrow & Jack Herndon, Bicycle Commuting: Why & How

George and Jack have been lifelong bicycle commuters, from elementary school well into middle age. In their joint talk, they will expound on the joys and advantages of this mode of transport and explain the nitty gritty of how they do it year round, and how you can, too. Their gear, including Jacks electric assist bicycle, will be on hand for you to examine.

Noon Chris van Daalen, Code Innovations for Net Zero Energy

Permitting solar is usually straightforward, but the fusion of design, materials and technology needed to achieve net-zero or net-positive buildings can sometimes be challenging. For example, buildings pursuing the Passive House standard or the Living Building Challenge must often overcome significant code barriers to achieve their goals. On the other hand, the adoption of more thoughtful codes, incentives and policy solutions could dramatically accelerate the adoption of high-performance buildings that double as pint-sized power plants spread across our communities. The Code Innovations Database (www.CodeInnovations.org) is a platform for education and advocacy that is sharing innovator’s permitting precedents, as well as the innovative codes, policies and incentives powering the push toward a net-positive future. Learn how it is expanding to make it easier to go for zero, and how you can contribute what you know to this important new resource.

1pm Zack Semke, Whos Afraid of the Big, Bad Jevons Paradox?

We tell ourselves that green buildings can be part of the climate solution, but are we just fooling ourselves? After all, doesn’t the Jevons Paradox prove that energy efficiency measures just backfire by making it cheaper for people to waste more energy?And even if that weren’t the case, don’t fossil fuel companies have too much skin in the game not to just dig it all up and burn it all anyway?Maybe not. Drawing on data from the International Energy Agency, Carbon Tracker Initiative,CitiGPS, and others, Zack will unpack these ideas and draw a connection between high performance building and meaningful climate action.

2pm Jeremy Smithson, Brother, Can You Spare a Dime (per kWh)?

As long as fossil fuels remain subsidized and inexpensive, solar energy will require some level of subsidy to be competitive. At the same time that some of our political leaders are saying that we need renewable energy, others are acting to oppose its adoption. What solar incentives are available in Washington and what will be available in the future? Jeremy Smithson, Policy Director for Solar Installers of Washington, will attempt to answer those questions in this talk.

3pm Grace Reamer, Sustainable Transport: Running on the Sun

Want to drive for free with the most sustainable motorized transportation on the planet? Pair your solar array with an electric vehicle and run on the sun. Think that is out of your reach financially? That is what Grace thought, too, until she took the leap five years ago. Every day, the many financial and environmental benefits are paying off. Learn about how you can transition to clean, free energy and sustainable transport.