Our Story

Shoreline Solar Project was founded 1 April 2004 for the purpose of promoting the practical application of renewal energy and environmentally responsible practices to enhance the economic, ecological, and social environment of our community. As evidence is pointing towards energy resource scarcity and as fuel and utility costs are rising, we seek to educate the public on the importance of conservation, efficiency and renewable energy generation. We see the opportunity to bring together interested parties and initiate renewable energy projects in our community. We support the development and expansion of renewable energy and wish to effect actual use and expansion of these technologies.

Shoreline Solar Project’s first project was the installation of the first photovoltaic system on a public building in the City of Shoreline, WA. http://www.ci.seattle.wa.us/light/Green/greenPower/Accomplishments/meridian.asp

This was accomplished by identifying the site, gathering supporters and finding financial support. The result is a 2.4 kilowatt photovoltaic (PV) system installed on Meridian Park School; supported by teachers, parents, students, school administration, and this organization, with equipment funding through the Seattle City Light Green Power Program. This installation produces electricity that feeds back into the power grid and serves to act as a demonstration project for the community on solar power generation. A second installation was done at Parkwood School.

Shoreline Solar Project holds monthly public presentations and discussions that have included topics such as; solar PV, solar hot water, biodiesel, peak oil, personal home energy audit, driving more efficiently, and energy efficient lighting. We have published information on our website, https://www.shorelinesolar.org, and distributed handouts to further public education on these issues.

Members of Shoreline Solar Project’s board have participated as speakers at many events, including Rolling Thunder in July 2004 on the topic “Practical Solar Power for Western Washington” and on a panel at the Northwest Sustainability Conference in April 2005.  Various presentations have been made to teachers, students, Shoreline Rotary, Shoreline Chamber of Commerce and Shoreline City Council.

The Organization has worked collaboratively with similar groups such as NW Solar Group, Jefferson Energy Coalition and Solar Washington. We participated in the 2004 and 2005 National Solar Tour sponsored by the American Solar Energy Society. Shoreline Solar Project organized a Parade of LED (Light Emitting Diode) Lights and sponsored a Energy Wise LED Holiday Lighting Contest in our city.

Shoreline Solar Project organizes and holds the area’s largest Renewable Energy Fair. The first fair was in 2004. Each year we increase the size of the fair in exhibitors, speakers and attendance. Exhibitors fees, sponsorships, donations and a service contract with the City of Shoreline provide the funds to run the fair and also contributes to the general operating funds for the organization. Entrance to the fair is open and free to the public.