History of SolarFest


The first public solar installation came to Shoreline in 2004. To celebrate and educate people on what exactly was on the roof of Meridian Park School it was decided to have a fair, an event where those in the renewable energy field could meet the public in a fun, relaxed atmosphere on a sunny summer day.

The first fair had 23 exhibitors and a couple hundred people attended. Everyone who participated wanted to do it again. Through the years Shoreline Solar Project has cultivated relationships, formed partnerships and created an event that is family oriented, fun and educational.

Here is a quick review of past fairs.

History of NW SolarFest:

2004: Renewable Energy Fair
Meridian Park School
Started in 2004 following the installation of the solar electric array on Meridian Park School for the purpose of letting the public learn about the installation and solar in general.
23 exhibitors

June 4, 2005: 2nd Annual Renewable Energy Fair
Meridian Park School
Introduced the Kids Zone, distributed 40 solar education kits (included solar module and solar motor) to elementary students to design and exhibit creations that are powered by the sun, hosted Art & Essay Contest “What Renewable Energy Means to My Future”, Pacific Science Center debuted its “Volts and Jolts” program featuring renewable energy, alternative fuel vehicles on display.
40 exhibitors, 7 schools

July 22, 2006: 3rd Annual Renewable Energy Fair
Meridian Park School
Created the “Solar Passport” which encouraged visitors to visit stations with interactive exhibits such as solar cooking, solar model cars and the Pacific Science Center. Two rooms of speakers, talks on ten topics ranging from climate change, solar basics to alternative fuels.
64 exhibitors (30 businesses, 26 nonprofit organizations, 3 schools, 5 government agencies)

July 20/21, 2007: 4th Annual Renewable Energy & Sustainable Living Fair
Meridian Park School
Introduced a Friday night event (Shoreline Center) with silent auction. Keynote Alan Durning, Executive Director, Sightline Institute. Entertainment by Haute Trash, trash fashion show.
Introduced “Taste of Shoreline” a partnership with the Shoreline Chamber of Commerce to provide a variety of local food vendors. Pacific Science Center “Fire on Ice” interactive science show. Offered electronics recycling.
90 exhibitors (40 businesses, 38 nonprofits organization, 5 government agencies, 3 utilities, 4 schools)

July 17/18, 2008: 5th Annual Shoreline SolarFest
Meridian Park School
Name change, Kickoff event featured Haute Trash.
50 exhibitors (26 businesses, 20 nonprofits organization, 2 government agencies, 2 schools)

July 17/18, 2009: 6th Annual Shoreline SolarFest
Meridian Park School
SolarFest Kickoff featured Chris Jordan, renowned Seattle photographer.
Kid Zone expanded with support of the RE Store Creation Station, Food and music selection ware expanded. Fair was moved to the front parking lot of Meridian Park School. First film festival.
69 exhibitors (43 businesses, 19 nonprofit organization, 1 government agency, 2 utilities, 4 schools)

July 16/17, 2010: 7th Annual SolarFest
Shoreline Community College
Keynote Speaker: Marcelo da Luz -“Solar Goes a Long Way”- The Power of One Solar Car Project.
2nd annual Film Festival, 12 speakers, elected official on sustainability policy, full schedule of entertainment of the Showmobile, Taste of Shoreline
81 exhibitors (42 businesses, 27 nonprofit organizations, 4 government agencies, 3 utilities, 5 schools)

July 16, 2011: 8th Annual NW SolarFest
Shoreline Community College
The name was changed to “NW SolarFest” to more accurately reflect constituents as surveys showed that 54% of visitors were from outside of Shoreline.
Graham Kerr-keynote speaker, 12 presentations, KidZone, Transportation Zone, Solar Cooking demonstration, food, entertainment, after hour music
85 exhibitors (43 businesses, 31 nonprofits, 2 government agencies, 3 utilities, 6 schools)

July 28, 2012: 9th Annual NW SolarFest
Shoreline Community College
Graham Kerr-returned, 15 presentations including new NW EcoBuilding Guild speaker pavilion, KidZone, Transportation Zone, Solar Cooking demonstration, food, entertainment, after hour music
108 exhibitors (52 businesses, 7 Arts & Crafts (new category) , 35 nonprofits, 1 government agency, 3 utilities, 6 schools, 4 media (new category)

July 27, 2013: 10th Annual NW SolarFest
Shoreline Community College
Ciscoe Morris-keynote, 16 presentations including NW Ecobuilding Guild, KIDZone, Transportation Zone with 14 Teslas and 30 plus Leafs all-electric, Urban Farm exhibits, 96 exhibitors in the following categories (46 businesses, 6 Arts and Crafts, 32 nonprofits, 1 government agency,  4 utilities, 5 schools, 2 media)