NW SolarFest 2020

Greetings to all past participants of NW SolarFest!

We want to share some exciting news!  After much deliberation and discussion, we are taking NW SolarFest Sustainability Fair in a new direction.  With climate change becoming more of a factor in our daily lives, we believe it is time to be more about education by providing a thoughtful space for learning, adapting and growing as a community.

To that end, we are moving NW SolarFest to June 13th.  It will be an indoor/outdoor event, still at Shoreline Community College, with space for presentations workshops and hands on learning.  We will continue to have a Kids Space- as the next generation is so important to long term success!   And we will continue to have a Transportation Zone, which remains the biggest way people can reduce their carbon footprint. 

There will be a main stage that is education focused, and a couple of breakout rooms for seminars and workshops.  The indoor space will be tighter and more efficient.  We’ll be able to know how many attendees we have because there will be one main entrance!  And we won’t have to worry about the weather! 

We’re all very excited and hope you will love what we can offer you for 2020!