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Schedule at a glance

Main Stage
Shoreline/LFP Arts Council Showmobile
10:00 Ian Dobson Steel Drum Duo
11:00 Seattle Shores Chorus
Sweet Adeline’s woman’s chorus
12:15 Sunrise Movement
Speakers on the New Green Deal
Victoria Hsieh, Harry Katz, Ian McCluskey,
1:00 Gansango African Dancers
Traditional and contemporary dance and music from West Africa
2:00 ‘Na Hilahila Boys
Hawaiian lapsteel music
4:00 Kelly VanCamp + friend
Americana / Pop
KidZone / Buskers
11:00 Wyatt Silva
12:00 Eli Anton
Classical music on cello
1:00 Folk Voice Band
Folk music
Roving Entertainment
1:00 – 4:00
Rassul Karymsakov
Tumbling, sleight of hand     
Laura Sposato
Hip Hop Circus Arts, Hoola Hoop


Ian Dobson Steel Drum duo, Calypso

Ian is a Seattle native who turned his back on the fame and fortune of grunge stardom to travel the world performing and learning about the music of various cultures.  His travels took him all over Europe, South Asia, Southeast Asia, South and Central America, Mexico, and the United States.

Take your family on a musical Caribbean vacation with Ian Dobson’s Steel Drum Party!  In the Caribbean a steel drum is called a “pan” and to party is to “leggo”.  Get ready to Pan Leggo!  Journey with Ian to explore different cultures through music and see how you can use your creativity and resourcefulness to create music from anything.



Ian Dobson Steel Drum Duo

11:00 Seattle Shores Chorus

Seattle Shores Chorus has shared the gift of music throughout the greater Seattle area for 64 years. We are a chapter in Sweet Adelines International, the largest music education organization for women in the world. Seattle Shores was chartered in 1953, making us the first (and longest lasting) Sweet Adelines chapter in the Pacific Northwest.

Seattle Shore Chorus/Sweet Adeline's


12:00 Sunrise Movement Seattle: Ian McCluskey, Victoria Hsieh, Harry Katz

The Green New Deal has garnered more media attention and political support than any other climate policy proposal in the U.S. so far. Over 100 members of Congress are co-sponsoring the Green New Deal, and thousands of young people across the country are working to make it a reality.

Come hear from young advocates about the Green New Deal and how it would expand solar power, the youth-led Sunrise Movement’s strategy to achieve a Green New Deal, and how you can get involved! 


1:00 Gansango African Dancers


Gansango is directed by Etienne Cakpo, originally from Benin and now a choreographer and teacher based in Seattle, Washington. Gansango company collaborating artists perform regularly in the Seattle area, nationally and internationally for audiences of all ages.

The company performances fuse music and movement from across the African continent, drawing heavily from the dance and music traditions of Benin, Ghana and Togo, among other countries. Instruction and shows often feature traditional dance from Benin, including ritualistic dances, regional social ceremony dances, such as the Chenkoumé dance from Savalou, and royal historical dances such as the Zehli dance from the late 1800’s.

Live drums (djembé, djun-djun and paholé) and percussion (shaker and bell) accompany modern dance arrangements based on traditional movement while colorful costumes.



2:00 ‘Na Hilahila Boys

Winfield Hobbs, Patrick Perkins, Donn Cave, and Mike Bristow.
‘Na Hilahila Boys’ play Hawaiian lapsteel music from the 1920’s to the 1970’s, including songs from traditional chants to the ‘Hapa Haole’ varieties in English.

'Na Hilahila Boys


4:00 Kelly VanCamp + friend

Kelly Van Camp is an incredibly talented local Seattle musician, currently playing in several bands and as half of that mad duo, “The JerKels”.  He plays multiple instruments, including drums, harmonica, guitar, and vocals.  Kelly draws from many musical greats, including The Beatles, Buddy Holly and Johnny Horton.  Dancers and music lovers of all ages are in for a real treat coming, for the finale to our festival.


Kelly VanCamp

KIDZone Busker 

11:00 Wyatt Silva
Wyatt Silva plays guitar, drums, keyboard, sings, and composes.  He completed his first EP in April and will be performing a combination of originals from the EP and covers, focusing on Queen.  Wyatt’s major influences include Queen, Jeff Buckley, the Bee Gees, Radiohead, Neil Young, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, Tori Amos, John Powell and Hans Zimmer.  He is 12 years old.


Wyatt Silva

12:00 Eli Anton
Claasical music on cello


1:00 Folk Voice Band
International Folk Songs and Dance Music


 Rassul Karymsakov 
performing juggling and card tricks

Juggling at 2018 NW SolarFest

Laura Sposato,
Hip Hop Circus Arts, Hoola Hoop

Laura as base of performing pair